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sapphobliss's Journal

there is no truth, only art and lies
13 May
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"'Sappho, if you dont come out of your room, I swear I'll stop loving you'"

"I long and hunger, my pain drips"

"I don't know what to do. I say yes-and then no."

"Don't try to bend a crazed heart."

absinthe, acting, alice in wonderland, ambien, anais nin, ani difranco, apple martinis, army green, art, arty films, bad influences, badtz maru, barbara kruger, batman, batman beyond, beat poets, being mysterious, bitchiness, bjork, black eyeliner, bliss, blood, blood and donuts, blood fetish, bubble baths, bubbles, buffy, burroughs, butterflies, caliopie, candle light, cathrines, champagne, charcoal, cigarettes, coleridge, coraline, corsets, crazy, crying oceans, dadaism, daily soundtracks, dancer in the dark, dancing, darkness, david lynch, dead man, dee-lite, delirium, diesel boy, donnie darko, doom!, elliot smith, fairies, fancifulness, fear and loathing, fearing clowns, feelin fancy, fiona apple, flirting, frogs, gin, guitars, harley quinn, heavenly creatures, henry and june, ian brown, imaginary friends, immortal beloved, insanity, intensity, invader zim, irvine welsh, jeanette winterson, jim jarmusch, jon b, jungle, lamas, lamb, macaroni ducks, making messes, massive attack, mental breakdowns, misspellings, nine inch nails, not sleeping, olivia, pain, passion, people toes, pills, pj harvey, playing pretend, poetry, portishead, rachel whiteread, radiohead, rants, requiems, rooftops at night, secretary, sharp shiny objects, sickness, singing, sleeping all day, sloths, sonic youth, spicy brains, spirited away, surrealism, sushi, tall buildings and concrete, tank girl, tasting good;like a triangle, tattoos, tears, techno, the cure, the dark, the kingdom, the l word, the pixies, the smiths, the tick, thompson, thorazine bear, thunder storms, tiaras, tom waits, tomfoolery, tori amos, tornados, trance, tricky, underworld, unkle, vampirism, vegetarianism, veggie tales, velvet underground, vinyl, virginia woolf, wicca, wind, wine, wings, winking vulvas, wishing on stars, writers, xanax